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October 27, 2007

The butterfly counts not months, but moments, and has time enough.
-Rabindranath Tagore


more pretty flowers

October 25, 2007
from my in-laws

today was THE day

October 19, 2007
from my Mom and Dadfrom my brother Chris I bet you are wondering why we got all of these beautiful flowers today?

number one

October 17, 2007

Apparently, we have been #1 on our agency’s baby girl list for a few weeks now. I had thought we were still #2. My Mom seems to think that we will get our referral this week. I really hope that she is right. It seems like as the weather changes the wait is getting harder and harder. I am at the beginning of the busy season with my jewelry company and it won’t slow down until after the first of the year. It is probably for the better because I am pretty sure I would have gone insane with the wait by now if I hadn’t had so much to do. Even if we get a referral this week it seem highly unlikely that we will be able to travel until after Tet. I think best case scenario would be that we would travel late February or early March. Either way, we are a few days closer.

a few new baubles for the babies

October 15, 2007
sugar and spice and everything nicekisses upon your soul…

best. dress. ever.

October 15, 2007
It’s a Twirl Dress!!! This is my hands down favorite dress that my Mom made for the girls. It is so soft and amazing. So much fabric!!! I can’t remember how many yards it took, but it was a lot for one small dress. It is the best twirl dress I have ever seen. The skirt is actually a full circle! It is like FIVE dresses in one. She says that it is a one-of-a-kind and that she will never make another like it because it was so much work. I sure hope she changes her mind when there are two little girls that need matching dresses!
Version #1 with the yellow petticoat underneath

Version #2 with just the cowgirl outer-dress
Version #3 with just the yellow petticoat
Version #4 with the bandana side and yellow petticoat
Version #5 with just the bandana outer-dress
The skirt is a full circle!

mission accomplished

October 15, 2007

My mom bought these little ‘Petrouchka Doll’ pants almost two years ago when we first started this adoption process. We have been looking for the perfect matching top since then. I finally found one on ebay! I love ebay. It is a bit of a problem… Anyway, I think they look adorable together!