we are back in the game!

We recently made a BIG decision. We are back on our agency’s list for a second Vietnamese adoption. Yes, that means that we currently have THREE adoption applications going at the moment. Our plan is to just complete the two Vietnam adoptions and then cancel our China application. Since the adoption world is so unpredictable we are going to wait a while before we cancel our China application. We are just so tired of the wait and the political games that China seems to be playing but I won’t get in to all of that here. Yes, we will have to wait a year for our second Vietnamese adoption, and yes, there is a chance that we could have a Chinese referral by then (doubtful but possible). But that isn’t the point for us anymore. We are just over it. So we are currently #2 AND #25 on our agency’s list. Hopefully we will be waiting for our second baby’s referral about this same time next year!

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