the first baby doll

This is the girl’s first baby doll. It was a gift from our beloved next door neighbors who recently moved away. They were our favorite neighbors ever and we really miss them and all of their kids. We even miss their dog Molly! Their fifth child, Anna, was adopted from China so they were very familliar with the ups and downs of the adoption world. They didn’t move too far away so we are hoping to be able to get together with them and catch up very soon! The doll is a “Name Your Own Baby” Adora Doll #EKH20116 and it is unbelievable how realistic she looks. When you move her little body she actually looks like a real baby. Did you notice that she has a basket that matches the girl’s cribs? I also really love this one. I think she would be great as a big sister doll. Oh, and yes we are a bit pathetic, but my Mom and I did find out that she can wear size 0-6 month Zutano clothing. What else were we supposed to do? We had a really cute new outfit and the dog wasn’t cooperating anymore!

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