best. dress. ever.

It’s a Twirl Dress!!! This is my hands down favorite dress that my Mom made for the girls. It is so soft and amazing. So much fabric!!! I can’t remember how many yards it took, but it was a lot for one small dress. It is the best twirl dress I have ever seen. The skirt is actually a full circle! It is like FIVE dresses in one. She says that it is a one-of-a-kind and that she will never make another like it because it was so much work. I sure hope she changes her mind when there are two little girls that need matching dresses!
Version #1 with the yellow petticoat underneath

Version #2 with just the cowgirl outer-dress
Version #3 with just the yellow petticoat
Version #4 with the bandana side and yellow petticoat
Version #5 with just the bandana outer-dress
The skirt is a full circle!

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One Comment on “best. dress. ever.”

  1. OHmommy Says:

    OMG.. .I need one of those. Actually two of those. Will she sell on ebay?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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