three months old today

I decided that today is probably a good day to break the silence on my blog about our referral. Yes, we got a referral! Woohoo! We received out referral on October 19th. We were asked by our agency not to share this information publicly until our acceptance of the referral had been received in Vietnam and had been processed. We are also not allowed to share pictures of her on-line until after the Giving and Receiving Ceremony that will take place towards the beginning of our trip to Vietnam. The reasoning for this is simple. Until that ceremony, she is not legally our baby. There have been instances of not-so-ethical adoption facilitators in the past that have ‘bought’ referrals after seeing the information and photos on-line. So I will absolutely not do anything to jeopardize this referral.

For those of you that are not aware of what is happening in the Vietnam adoption world right now, you can get more information here and here. I have decided that I will not make this a political blog, so I won’t weigh in on those issues here. This blog is solely to record our journey to our baby girls. I will however note that our referral did not come from one of the provinces in question, nor are we using an agency that is under suspicion. I believe our agency is extremely ethical and feel very secure in our decision to use them. I am also very secure with our referral.

Ok. Back to my baby girl. She is perfect. Absolutely perfect. She is tiny and innocent and so very beautiful. She was born on our wedding anniversary, August 8th. We are hoping to travel sometime between January and March. Today my baby girl is three months old. It breaks my heart that I am not there with her today and that I have missed out on the first three months of her life. It does help to know that she is in an orphanage that I have been told is wonderful and loving by parents who have recently visited there. They have assured me that she is getting the best care possible. They have said that there are tons of hugs and kisses given every day. I hope someone gives her a special kiss today.

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2 Comments on “three months old today”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just know she will get that special kiss today. Born on your anniversary is, well, COOL!

    Emma (the one who is excited about the bracelet you are making for her:))

  2. Mr Lady Says:

    Happy birthday, baby girl. Smoooooch.
    We can’t wait to meet her!

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