little care package

My sweet friend Emily is also waiting for travel news. She will travel a lot sooner than we will to get her adorable Lulu. She was kind enough to offer to bring our baby a little care package. I wasn’t sure what to send because I have no idea what actually happens to things after they arrive at the orphanage. All of the referral pictures that I have seen of babies that live in the same orphanage as our girl have little pillows in their cribs. So, we decided to send a little pillow that matches her crib bedding here. It was lovingly made by her grandmother. I slept with it for a few nights before I sent it to Emily in hopes tht it might smell a little like me and that she would know that I am coming to get her as fast as I can. I also found the cutest set of keys that you can put pictures in. There are three keys so I put a picture of Darren, myself and of course, where the pink is on the third key is a picture of my baby girl. I wanted her to know that we are already a family.
Fingers and toes crossed for Emily to travel really soon!!!

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2 Comments on “little care package”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Gorgeous, all of it!

  2. Emily Says:

    cannot wait to rest sweet piper’s head on top of that lovely pillow!

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