one month down

Today marks one month from the date of our referral. One month of waiting down. I wish I knew how many more to go. My best guess is that we will travel the end of February or early March. I decided to show you all a little snippet of the baby girl who has stolen my heart. I just couldn’t resist any longer.

Her precious feet are so big! I don’t think I could love her more. I hope she knows we would be there today if we could.
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4 Comments on “one month down”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Oh my, they ARE big. You’re going to need more shoes! đŸ˜‰

  2. Kendra Says:

    I’ve waited for a lot of things in my life… but they all pale in comparison to what you must be going through.

    I think about you every day and hope you find some peace in the jumble of confusing, anxious, and hopeful thoughts.

    I don’t have to have met you in person to admire you.

  3. Katherine, aka katedrew94 Says:

    What a cute foot!

  4. Ryan and Heather Says:

    That is one adorable little foot!

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