surprise care package

We received a call on Monday from our agency. Boy did my heart start pounding when I saw their name on my caller ID. I really thought that they were calling to tell me that I could submit my I600 finally. Oh well. He was calling to say that the facilitator would be making a trip to Vietnam later this week and was offering to bring a little care package to baby P for me. I panicked a little because it was such short notice and I only had a day to prepare something. I had already sent the pillow and picture key ring to Emily to take when she travels (which had better be really soon!!) so I wasn’t sure what to send. I managed to quickly fill a little soft photo book with pictures of P’s family so that she could see who already loves her. Since I was on such a short time limit I had to use pictures that I already had on my computer and could edit really quickly. I am sorry that I left so many people out! I figured out the Vietnamese trasnlations as best I could for the words like mom, dad, grandma, grandpa etc. I also told her that I loved her so much forever and ever. I really hope I got the translations right and didn’t say anything offensive!

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One Comment on “surprise care package”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    DEAR LORD those are cute!

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