very lucky girl

Dear Baby P,

I thought that you should know that you already have the Best Uncle Ever. He asks about you all the time and has already started buying you stuff. He is so excited to have you come home. He says you are such a ‘doll baby’ and that you are so beautiful. I know he will be around a lot to play with you and snuggle on the floor. You are already so loved.

Here is a little onesie that he recently bought for you. Someday he will have to explain to you what in the world it means. He told me to look up the term ‘all your base are belong to us’ on Wikipedia and said I would get it. I think I understand as much as a non-computer girl can, but what I really understand is how much he already loves you.

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One Comment on “very lucky girl”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    He IS, isn’t he?

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