four months old today

P is four months old today. I wish I was there with her. I feel like I am missing out on the first part of her life. I have to keep reminding myself that I will have an entire lifetime with her and I just have to wait a little longer. It would make it easier if I had any idea when we would be able to go to her. We were hoping for January, and trust me, I will be ready to go just in case, but I am realistically thinking it will be the end of February or March because of Tet. ugh. I just miss her so much and I am thinking about her all of the time. I hope she knows just how much she means to us already.Have a wonderful day, baby girl. Look up in the sky and know that your momma loves you.

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2 Comments on “four months old today”

  1. Emily Says:

    i hope to be loving on P before too long. and i will tell her how wonderful her mom and dad are..and how you cannot wait to meet her!

  2. Karen Bassett Says:

    We live in Monument, Colorado and are dossier to VN in July 2007. No referral yet and no new news either. Our blog is

    Good luck,


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