What a relief! I have been anxiously checking my mailbox daily in hopes that we would receive our I-171h renewal. Today was the day!!! I am so glad because I was sure that it would be our next hold-up. It says that we are cleared for two children from Vietnam, so hopefully it won’t expire again before both adoptions are finalized. Now I am just waiting for my agency to call and say that we can submit our I-600. There will still be quite a bit of waiting after that, but every step is one step closer!

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4 Comments on “phew!”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Great news! I’m so irritated that they haven’t sent in your I600 yet…I hope they get that taken care of soon!

  2. Ryan and Heather Says:

    Sounds like we are in the same position! We haven’t received our updated I-171h yet, although we did receive verbal confirmation that it was completed and mailed so I hope to get it by the end of this week! This waiting is so hard isn’t it?

  3. Ryan and Heather Says:

    Just thought of something else, you probably know this-but you can email your I-171h do your agency, and then your agency can email it to Vietnam instead of waiting on postal mail. Vietnam only requires a copy, doesn’t need the original copy though. That way there won’t be such a delay in getting it to Vietnam hopefully.

  4. Jen Says:

    Yea! Great news!

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