something that brightened my day

It has been very hard waiting for P lately, and I have been working like crazy to stay busy. We have never had much of an on-line presence with our jewelry because we were always too busy working with stores and catalogs etc. to take the time to focus on it. Since we are getting ready for P and are changing our business a bit so that I will be able to be home with her I am trying to get things going on-line. We are really new to Etsy, so I was so surprised to see that we were featured on the front page THREE times this past weekend. It was pretty exciting because I don’t even have a lot of pieces listed yet. I definitely needed the boost this week!

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2 Comments on “something that brightened my day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats! I hope Santa comes through for you and keeps the good times rolling.
    P.S. I haven’t taken the bracelet you made for me off! I love it.

  2. Mr Lady Says:

    That IS great news!

    Merry Christmas baby. I wish I was home with you!

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