icky needles

Today D and I went to the travel clinic to get our immunizations for our trip to Vietnam. I am not a big fan of needles and I usually get really bruised and sick everytime I get a shot so I was NOT looking forward to it. I am always the 1 out of 100 that has a bad reaction. ugh. We got the Hepatitus A/B combo, oral typhoid and a prescription for Malarone (for Malaria). I had already had my Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussus booster recently, and D got one from his doctor last week. It ended up not being too bad and now we are set. We have to go back for the second shot in the Hep A/B seried in a month. What fun! But hey, if it means that we can get P, I will do anything.

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One Comment on “icky needles”

  1. Heather & David Says:

    I hear you… I have my 3rd shot in the series in a couple of weeks. You would think you get over it by the 3rd one…. I still have to talk myself into driving there.

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