baby shower

I don’t even know where to begin thanking my dear friend Sue and her wonderful daughters Peggy and Paula. They threw the most amazing baby shower for me on Saturday. I cannot get over the amount of work they went to for me! I don’t ever remember not knowing their family. We just sort of grew up with them. Peggy and Paula were adopted from Korea when they were very young and I don’t remember ever not understanding that they were adopted or more importantly, feeling one way or another about it. I think they were probably the reason that I was so automatically open to international adoption when the idea came up. It has been so wonderful for me to be able to ask Sue questions about the process and how it was for her. When she adopted it was not quite the trend that it is now! Our families are very similar and I think that is why we have always been so close.

Thank you so much to my friends and family for showing so much support. I can’t believe how generous you all were. I am completely overwhelmed!!! Thank you!!!

These are just SOME of the gifts we received. Can you believe it?

Here is the diaper cake that Peggy and Paula made for me – the thing was built like Fort Knox! I could hardly get it apart!

This is the little ipod nano that my brother C drove all the way over to my parent’s house early in the morning for my Mom to bring to the shower for P from him. He has already started working on her music collection. How awesome is that?

I didn’t get great pictures of the 30+ people at the shower or the beautiful edible fruit bouquet or the TON of food. I was so wrapped up in all the people that I totally forgot to take pictures. I think I will need to seriously improve on that before the girls get here!

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