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love this foot

March 8, 2008

how can I already love this foot this much?
I just got this picture of P’s little foot from my friend Emily. Thank you so much for sending me new pictures! All of my amazing blog friends that recently traveled to P’s orphanage are what keeps me going.


March 7, 2008

When I opened the mail yesterday there was a letter from D’s parents. I opened it up and was surprised to find this adorable picture of my handsome husband and his childhood dog, Salty. His full name was H. Salt Esquire III.

*All together now* Awwwww.

I only have a few pictures of D from his childhood so I am very thankful for every one we have! Thank you for sending it J!

to all my readers

March 6, 2008

haha. I feel like Dear Abby writing that blog title! But seriously, dear readers. I had no idea you were even out there! As hundreds all three of you have noticed, I did a little blog postin’ last night. When I left the backdates on the posts for the sake of keeping my time-line, I really had no idea that anyone except my Mom would even notice! I had all of these ‘new’ posts started but just couldn’t bring myself to finish them for some reason. I think I was in a bit of a funk Ah… the joys of adoption-related depression. But I am back and I promise to be better about posting.

So now I must go and look into this Google Reader thing than many of you apparently use… I finally understand how you all stay on top of your blog reading! I am having what Oprah calls an “Ah Ha’ moment! Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly what she means but you get my drift.

yesterday was a very good day

March 6, 2008

This is an enormous shout out / THANK YOU to my blog buddy Jen. She surprised me last night with THREE VIDEOS of our little P. Actual videos where we can see our baby girl!!!!!!! She is perfect and adorable. She looks really peaceful, quiet and sweet. She seems to be very observant and watches everything that is going on around her. Did I mention BEAUTIFUL? She is tiny for almost 7 months old. Jen suggests that I bring 3-6 month clothes for her and that was exactly what I had been thinking too. Oh, and she has a big ‘ol bald spot on the back of her head from laying down so much. Makes me a little sad, but I know that the nannies like to keep the babies immobile as long as possible and I can hardly say I blame them under the circumstances. I have a feeling that it won’t take P very long at all to start moving around faster than I can chase once we get her! Boy it is starting to feel real now. Come on I600 approval!!! Yes, I know we are only on day 2 of the wait…is it really too early to start begging????

the countdown begins…

March 5, 2008

We finally got our I600 receipt today! This means that the official countdown begins as of today. We are now on day 1 of the 60 business days that the US government has to approve and investigate our I600 ‘Petition to Orphan as an Immediate Relative’. The receipt clearly states 60 business days which has recently come to light to mean THEIR business days. Well, they have all US and Vietnamese holidays off, so by my count, that means that technically they have until June 2nd. Ugh. I sure hope they approve us much quicker than that…


March 5, 2008

My blog friend Heather who recently came home with her adorable little girl Elia posted something that made me feel a little bit better today. She said “…put your faith in what you most believe in, dreams do come true.” Thank you Heather. You have no idea how much that helped me today!