what is going on?

This is the question that I keep getting asked by friends and family outside the adoption world. Here is the run-down as written by BringOurChildrenHome.org:

The United State Citizen and Immigration Services (CIS) and Department of State (DofS) are not adhering to the projected period for investigations which means orphans are spending months longer than they might have in orphanages. The longer children stay in orphanages, the more likely attachment disorders and developmental problems will occur. They need to be home with their families as soon as possible. The CIS originally stated that the new process would take up to 60 days, then no longer than 60 days, then most would be completed in 60
days, then no more than 75 days and recently CIS informed a parent that the timeline is actually now a 60 business day period. These changes have all occurred since December 2007, a period of only three months.This process was previously conducted within a two week period, with cases under investigation naturally taking longer. It is unclear why this timeline has increased six-fold from 10 business days to reportedly 60 business days when not all cases are investigated.When the CIS and DofS exceed the 60 period, they are not contacting parents to let them know why, even though they have stated they would. Some families have waited over 80 days with no word from CIS and have no idea of where their application is – nearing completion, in investigation or pending denial. Now, because of many unnecessary delays, the CIS has a backlog of applications that will likely cause the wait for adoptive parents and their orphaned children to become exponentially longer. One agency has submitted over 65 I-600s since the second week of December 2007. In that same period (over two months), only five applications have been completed (all were approved).The CIS and DofS are not communicating with adoption agencies. Who is monitoring the quality of service being provided by these government organizations? How should adoptive parents advocate for themselves and their children if they have no voice through their own government?

We need assistance getting these children entry into the United States. It currently appears that CIS and the Department of State in Vietnam are limiting the number of I-600s that are
being approved. The American government states that it supports adoptions of Vietnamese children by American citizens, but very few visas have been granted recently. We are simply asking that our government continue to process visa applications in the same timely manner that it did prior to November 2007.
How you can help:


1. Please sign this petition and forward it to your family, friends and co-workers asking them to sign it too.

(Signing is free, it may look that they are asking you to donate to our cause but it’s actually donations for the petition site. Your signature is recorded before the donation question is even asked.)

2. Please visit this website for more information on how you can help. Please start writing letters to help us get our babies home!!!!

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One Comment on “what is going on?”

  1. RF Says:

    Keep hanging in there. We have been on the journey for about two years now.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Richard, Kristi & Lilli Foster

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