From the soon-to-be-Dad

I would call myself many things, but a writer isn’t one of them, so this is likely one of few posts from me. Nicole is better as the ‘front-man’ for our little group.

I don’t have the personality that yearns for everyone that I come in contact with to like me, but all that I can seem to think about is that I hope that this little girl that we will be meeting in a few hours will somehow grow to like me (or even love me?). I can’t even imagine how hard it will be for her to leave all that she knows and is familiar with, to come home with us. I guess that we need to stay focused on the bigger picture for that one.

Anyway, time to pack. If you are interested in seeing more pictures than what we have posted in this blog, then you can find them here:

Videos will be coming soon!

Wish us luck!

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7 Comments on “From the soon-to-be-Dad”

  1. darcy Says:

    Big D is just about to take on a whole new meaning…Big Daddy!!!! You’re going to be the best daddy ever, well, next to my babies daddy! I’m so excited for you guys, I think I’m going to throw-up! Love d

  2. daysgoby Says:

    I’m SO EXCITED for you!

    Watching this space.

  3. Your Mom Says:

    D, it’s yourMIL here, You know how much I love you and so will that little girl. I am on pins and needles waiting for the first pics of her in your and N’s arms. You guys have no idea how happy all of us at home are for you and Piper.

  4. Mr Lady Says:


    Dude. The first time I ever met you, I loved you. Like, forever love. And I hate most of the known universe.

    If I know one thing in this whole world, it’s that you are one in a million. Remember how much the borg’s love you and multiply that by a bazillion.

    You’ve got this in the bag, brother. I can’t wait for you to be a daddy. Fortunately, no one has to wait much longer.

  5. Carissa Says:

    Ok all caught up and I hope that the next post I read is one about Piper! Anxiouly awaiting that post!

  6. molly_g Says:

    I’ve been thinking of you guys for the past few days… I hope that your introduction to your new daughter is everything you’ve hoped it will be, although I’m confident that it will be even more than that. Welcome to parenthood.

    Big big love to you both, and to Piper!!! I hope I can meet her sometime soon!

  7. Kendra Says:

    So, Darren… she is in love with you, isn’t she?

    The minute you hold her, she stops whimpering and just looks at your face with that cute expression?

    And Nicole – can’t wait to see a picture of the two of you together. I know that internet access has been giving you grief, though. I can be a patient woman.

    Enjoy this time isolated as a family.

    Much love,

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