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first backyard pool

May 26, 2008

[my happy girl]


boulder creek festival

May 25, 2008

[I love that smile!]

[my sweet girl…]


[my little love]

[being silly – Darren says she looks a little like Elton John here though!]

big day

May 14, 2008

This was a very big day.  Piper had her first haircut and was such a good girl.  She sat really still and let the stylist trim her ends.  She didn’t cut much off, she just evened up the back so that the rest could grow and fill in a bit.  I was a proud momma!  Later in the day Piper also tried her first cheerio and thought they were amazing.  Now she is a serious O-addict!

leavin’ on a jet plane

May 3, 2008

We are packed and ready to come home! We leave for the airport in about an hour and will arrive home around 10:30pm tonight. We have mixed feelings about leaving. Sad to be leaving our daughters birth-country, happy to be going home so she can meet everyone and start our new lives together. We are pretty sure we will be back soon to visit so that makes it a lot easier. We are so in love with P, even if she doesn’t appreciate the fine art of sitting still quite yet. Wish us luck on the 18 hours of plane rides ahead of us today!