singing and dancing

[thank you for the outfit Aunt Kaye!  sooo cute!]

We went to a sing & dance event at PB kids today.  There was a wonderful musician who had the kids all singing and dancing and clapping.  Music is Piper’s absolute favorite thing so she had a blast.  At first it was a little overwhelming for her with all the kids jumping around, but then she really got in to it.  The girl just thrives on music of any kind.  If there are any suggestions for good children’s music out there we would sure appreciate them!

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3 Comments on “singing and dancing”

  1. Kristin Says:

    For great children’s music check out Joe McDermott:

    He’s the guy that does most of the PB Kids shows in Austin, too! I can’t wait to take Lilly!

  2. Liz Says:

    Dan Zane has lots of fun kid music that is very parent friendly. You don’t start thinking of things to shove in your ears if you have to hear it one more time. His stuff is all on itunes..

  3. Laura Brant Says:

    Hi Nicole,

    My husband works with your brother so I thought you might like to know the connection to the post writer.

    We love Brady Rymer. He’s fun for kids and grownups.

    Also, you are so creative. We love the bracelets you made. Also, your photography is amazing–a real feast for the eyes. We are so happy that all went well for you in bringing Piper home from VN. We’ll have to continue to read your blog to see all your great shots.

    Laura Brant

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