I know, I know.

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I have been a very bad blogger.  I totally did what I said I would never do, and I let the blog go for a while.  Trust me, I have been scolded and put in timeout.  I am so sorry. 

Yes, we are back from Vietnam and everything is wonderful.  Piper is amazing and sweet and brilliant.  We couldn’t be happier.  I guess that is why we have been so busy with stuff other than updating the blog!

But now I am back and I am going to get it all caught up in the next week or so.  I HAVE to because I have made a promise to my friend Kristin to get it done before she leaves to go get her beautiful Lilly.  So I have done my first of many catch-up posts here and I work on more later today.  I think for the sake of having them in chronological order I am going to back-date a few of them so that it makes more sense.  I will post links to the back-dated ones so that all of my three readers don’t miss anything!  I will leave you with a picture of my little lovie P.


first playdate

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[Piper and Cassidy.  Piper loved hangin’ out with a ‘big girl’!]

[Cassidy showing Piper her toys.]

[Piper and Shane…so cute!]

[having a little lunch]

[such a handsome little guy!]

We met Laurie from Pho for Five at Kyndra’s house for a playdate today.  It was so wonderful to meet them in person!  Jackson, Cassidy, Shane and Finley are all so adorable!  Finley is such a little tiny peanut.  She is always smiling and loves to cuddle.  I don’t know how I managed to not get any pictures of Jackson and Finley, but I promise that I will do a much better job with the camera next week.  Piper loved seeing the ‘big kids’ run around and really wanted to join in.  I have a feeling that as soon as she starts walking I am in big trouble!

to the big pool

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[P loves the water]

[so tiny]

[holding on to momma’s foot]

singing and dancing

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[thank you for the outfit Aunt Kaye!  sooo cute!]

We went to a sing & dance event at PB kids today.  There was a wonderful musician who had the kids all singing and dancing and clapping.  Music is Piper’s absolute favorite thing so she had a blast.  At first it was a little overwhelming for her with all the kids jumping around, but then she really got in to it.  The girl just thrives on music of any kind.  If there are any suggestions for good children’s music out there we would sure appreciate them!

first backyard pool

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[my happy girl]

boulder creek festival

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[I love that smile!]

[my sweet girl…]


[my little love]

[being silly – Darren says she looks a little like Elton John here though!]

big day

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This was a very big day.  Piper had her first haircut and was such a good girl.  She sat really still and let the stylist trim her ends.  She didn’t cut much off, she just evened up the back so that the rest could grow and fill in a bit.  I was a proud momma!  Later in the day Piper also tried her first cheerio and thought they were amazing.  Now she is a serious O-addict!