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April 19, 2008

[our first view of Taiwan]

[our first view of Taiwan]

We made it to Taipei, Taiwan.  The flight was good and we were SO THANKFUL for the E*VA Deluxe seats.  I definitely recommend the upgrade.  We were in the bassinet row so there was no one in front of us which was very nice.  We both slept about 4-5 hours and watched a few movies.  The food on the flights was great – much better than on US flights.  At the boarding gate we met up with one other family, Debbie & Ernie and their two adorable girls that were adopted from China.  Malea and Lola are so sweet and adorable!  They are VERY excited to be picking up their baby sister, Zoe.  We also met our in-country facilitator’s wife, Joanne there and it was great to be able to finally put a face with a name.

Next step, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!



April 19, 2008

[We were obviously a little tired in Seattle at the airport during our layover before we boarded the plane to go to Taipei]

[what kind of parents are we going to be?]

[after some really bitter yogurt]

[the culprit]

getting nervous

April 15, 2008

***** UPDATE – So what is it about packing peanuts?  It’s not like we usually have them or buy them or anything.  Last night my Dad went out to my parents yard and saw that one of their big metal screens had blown over in all the wind we have been having and it broke 2 of their huge beautiful pots.  Ugh!  The thing is that my Mom had filled the pots halfway with packing peanuts before she put the dirt in so that they wouldn’t be as heavy to move around.  So, they have packing peauts all over their yard too!  Is this some kind of a sign?  Of what?  I hate the things anyway! ******

I think I am getting really nervous about this adoption.  Yes, I absolutely want to adopt P.  I already love her so much I can’t even stand it.  She is already mine in my heart.  But I am scared.  Scared that I won’t be a good mother.  Scared that I will ruin her or not know what to do.  I am sure that all mom’s go through this before they are about to give birth?  Someone please say this is normal.

I thought I was doing well and was fairly organized.  It’s amazing how that list of little things left to do takes a lot longer than you thought!  I got up really early this morning to tackle my list hoping that I would get everything crossed off today.  ha.  Our dogs, Buggsy and Luna, went to the beauty shop yesterday.  I don’t know why, but as soon as I picked them up I started sneezing.  It progressively got worst through the night.  I took some benadryl and went to bed.  This morning it was terrible and I felt like my throat was closing up.  I took a bunch more benadryl and it is starting to get better.  I decided that maybe I was allergic to the shampoo she used?  or maybe the extra fluff that blows off after they get cut?  Who knows, but I thought it would be best to give them a quick bath with their usual shampoo I know I am not allergic to.  During the bath I dumped a big cup of water on the floor and made quite a mess.  Oh well.  After I was done I went to take out a shipping box to the trash and a big gust of wind came up and blew the box and an entire huge box of packing peanuts blew out all over our yard.  everywhere.  I had forgotten they were in there because the box was closed.  After I got the entire yard cleaned up, I was walking back to the house with my trash bag and another gust came and blew my bag and emptied the peanuts all over the yard again.  Why didn’t I tie the bag?  Good question.  ugh!  My brain is functioning at about 10% capacity right now because of both the benadryl and the adoption.  I think I need to go take a nap.  I think this is all happening because I am just scared.

57 hours until we get on the plane!

catching up

April 12, 2008

It has been a whirlwind past few days.  After we got THE email that we had been waiting for, a total calm came over me.  I was actually more calm and relaxed than I had felt in the past few years.  The I600 approval email that we received is basically the US approval of our adoption.  It means that they have investigated our case and that they are going to allow Piper to join our family.  It was such a relief to get this approval because a lot of people have been receiving bad news lately.  We are so happy and fortunate to be one of the lucky ones. 

I received THE email at about 6:30 am on Thursday.  The funny thing is that it was the first night that I had actually slept all the way through in a long time.  I have been getting up 2-3 times a night wondering if I had received the magic email.  But that night I slept.  Unfortunately, my parents both woke up in the night just before 3:45.  They asked why the other was up and they had no answer and tried to go back to sleep.  When I called them as soon as I had the good news, they asked me to look and see what time the email had been sent.  It was sent at 3:47.  Maybe somehow they just knew…

On Thursday, my Mom rushed over to my house first thing in the morning because we had fully expected to have to make all of our travel plans that day.  Since Darren was at work I didn’t want to have to tackle all of that by myself.  Unfortunately, there is a big Vietnamese Holiday next week that was holding us up.  The holiday is the Hung King Festival.  It is predominantly celebrated on Tuesday the 15th, but apparently the provinces shut down on different days making it hard to get everything arranged next week.  So we didn’t end up doing any arranging, but we did finish up a lot of things around the house.  We had spent the two days prior cleaning my house from top to bottom.  I can’t believe how much of a disaster it had been.  I was feeling like a bit of a loser wife and homemaker for letting everything become such a mess.  I don’t think that until you have been through this yourself that you can understand the amount of stress an adoption really is.  I am just so thankful that my Mom was willing to come and help me.  I never could have gotten it all together without her!

At the moment we are STILL waiting to finalize our travel plans.  I will just be very glad when all of that is taken care of.  We are trying to tie up all of our loose ends around the house and get ready for our big trip.  I have had Piper’s suitcase and all of the orphanage donations packed for weeks now.  I am very glad I have that done.  Oh that reminds me – to all of you that are waiting for I600 approval, it is seriously in your best interest to get as much done and packed before you get approval.  A few hours after the calm hit me, an overwhelming exhaustion came next.  I don’t think I have ever been so tired.   If we had actually been able to travel as quickly as we thought we would I would have been in serious trouble.  I am a little thankful to have a few days before we go to rest up and get my energy back.  So please do yourself a favor and get as ready as you can while you have the time and energy!

Ok.  More later.  I need to go cross a few more things off my ‘to do’ list.  But I promise to be better about posting.  Especially since my friend Emily told me I had better or I would be in big trouble!