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singing and dancing

June 5, 2008

[thank you for the outfit Aunt Kaye!  sooo cute!]

We went to a sing & dance event at PB kids today.  There was a wonderful musician who had the kids all singing and dancing and clapping.  Music is Piper’s absolute favorite thing so she had a blast.  At first it was a little overwhelming for her with all the kids jumping around, but then she really got in to it.  The girl just thrives on music of any kind.  If there are any suggestions for good children’s music out there we would sure appreciate them!


big day

May 14, 2008

This was a very big day.  Piper had her first haircut and was such a good girl.  She sat really still and let the stylist trim her ends.  She didn’t cut much off, she just evened up the back so that the rest could grow and fill in a bit.  I was a proud momma!  Later in the day Piper also tried her first cheerio and thought they were amazing.  Now she is a serious O-addict!


April 13, 2008

Last night we had a family celebration dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.  The food is amazing, and the owners are wonderful.  They are so excited for us to bring Piper home.  Every time we go, Jeff, one of the owners asks to see updated pictures.  He has helped us out so much.  A while ago he even translated a note that I had written to the nannies to go along with the necklaces that I made to give them.  I can’t wait to bring Piper in to meet them as soon as we get back home!

8 days until I meet my baby girl.